International Trade Finance’s Referral Program

Attention Brokers
Has a bank rejected your client or is your client unable to obtain a small business loan? Does your client have growing sales, but is undercapitalized? Is your client just starting a company and needs some extra cash flow? International Trade Finance can get your client that extra help. International Trade Finance provides funding for the Cost of Goods to fill commercial purchase orders. Our customers are able to realize their financial needs and interests faster and with greater efficiency than with a bank.

International Trade Finance’s Broker Package
We offer the highest commission rate in the industry with the potential of earning up to 14% of the net fees! Many brokers are familiar with Asset Based Lending and Accounts Receivable Factoring products, but turn away deals that can be accommodated by Purchase Order Financing. Please direct your inquires to International Trade Finance today.

Need a broker application? Request information online or you can download the application files below and fax them to our office. Please fax broker applications to 310-316-9384.